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Monday, October 5, 2015

1st Conference in the mission field

My first conference in the mission field was fantastic!
Here are the biggest things that I got out of conference that I can do to become a better missionary. 
First, Make more of an effort to talk to everyone that has been put in my path about the restoration of the gospel. Talking with everyone has been something that Elder Perkins and I have been working on during our whole missions, but I am continuing to work on it. Talking to people will allow us to find the people God has prepared, and allow God to put more prepared people in our path.
Second, have a more liquid teaching pool. Talking with everyone will help with this, but a large part of this is just being willing to "drop" people that are not progressing in the gospel because they are not keeping commitments. It will be difficult for me to let them go, but even more difficult to convince my companion that we could use our time more efficiently. I know that the Lord is preparing people to live the gospel, and we need to find the white wheat. 
Third, is to just spend as much time with my line in the water as I can. It is up to me to do my best to always be prepared to go out and do the Lord will. Nothing will happen if we do nothing.

My favorite talk was Elder Bednar, it was a powerful but simple message about prophets. I think that the new Apostles will be very good. I felt that allowing God to mold us was talked about a lot. 

This week I also had interviews with the mission president. That was a food experience. A lot of missionaries went up to Fresno to give service at a free dental convention. We set up and stuff, I thought it was pretty neat. 

We weren't able to contact Abel during the last week, so no new news on him.
We were able to meet with the Zamora family in their home and taught them a strong lesson about the word of wisdom, and eternal families. They are our most progressing investigators. 

A large hurdle for us is that many of our investigators haven't been keeping the commitments to read and pray, and come to church. They believe what we teach, but don't act on their knowledge. 

We also had a district meeting this week (like every week) and I really like the direction that my district is going. I feel like my prayers are being answered. Good things are going to happen. 

Elder Perkins and I keep running into Ron on the street, that's always a highlight. We are actually making some progress with him, even though we don't intentionally visit him, and he is crazy. 

I love having so much time to spend studying and teaching the gospel. 
Sorry, I left my camera in the apartment, so no pictures. 

Elder Keeley

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