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Monday, October 12, 2015

Work and Adventures

I got a haircut this week.
Elder Agazzani, One of the Argentian missionaries cut it for me. It started off pretty well on the sides, on setting 3. It looked pretty good. He started on the top at about setting 8. It was going good, but all of a sudden, my hair was very short. He had accidentally switched to setting two. I was almost bald this week, but It looks okay now, a week later. 
We also got free bread. Last preparation day the other missionaries ran into a member at Walmart who is the bread distributor for the area. He gave us a lot of free bread, and treats made of wheat, such as donuts. I also discovered that Chocolate milk can be a staple of my diet. I eat a lot of grains, fruit, dairy, and Mexican. 
We went looking for less actives a lot this week. That's always fun, and it gives us opportunities to meet people. One of my favorite things to do as a missionary is to give away copies of the book of Mormon to the people that I meet on the street. I know how great of a gift it is.
This week I rediscovered the Joy and inspiration that comes from just reading the book of Mormon. I have decided that instead of occasionally taking a nap during my lunch time, I will read the book of Mormon or other inspirational articles instead. I got to go to a baptism for two girls that were born in the covenant, not new converts, it was a great experience. They were confirmed afterwards and I thought about how great it was for me to always have my dad to give me blessings, and things like that. Then I realized that God is everyone's Father. We all receive those blessing from are Father, it doesn't matter who does the talking.
I went on an exchange, but we stayed in my area. We went looking for less actives in Caruthers, and only got to see one family, because we were ensnared in a story. 
The Zamora family is progressing. We taught the law of Chastity to them, and we learned that they aren't actually married, but they are planning on getting married as far as I know. They are progressing pretty well. We also taught a new investigator named Armando, and his family. He loves everything we teach, but he has a hard time with modern revalation and scriptures, but I believe that as he becomes converted to the Book of Mormon, he will be able to overcome that hurdle.
It is good to be a missionary.
Elder Keeley

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