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Monday, October 26, 2015

Investigators at Sacrament meeting and Church

Elder Perkins and I had a busy week this week, and busy is a good thing. One of our inspired companionship goals for this week was to be out on the streets by at least 1:30. This goal helped Elder Perkins and I to have our lines in the water for more time then we have previously. That means we are talking to more people for longer. We are still working on talking with at least ten people every day, but we are changing the way we are doing missionary work to be more productive, and use our time more effective. 

This week we finally had some of our investigators come to church, the Zamoras. They are a family of 8 with the dad already a member. We haven't been able to teach the oldest brother very much yet, and the two youngest are three and a half year old twins. This family has been prepared by god, and at least 3 of them are committed to be baptized on the first of November. The mom is preparing to be baptized as well, but she is still dealing with coffee. 

Daniel Cooper is doing well as well. He has given up his addictions, and is keeping his commitments. He didn't come to church yesterday, but he is planning on coming next week, and I have high hopes for him as well. His wife hasn't joined in our lessons yet, but I think that she will see how much Daniel has changed, and want to know more for herself. I have hope and faith. 

Hope, faith, diligence and patience are the traits that I have been working on this week. I have begun to see the changes that have taken place within my companionship as I have sought to make myself better, and have been praying for my companion as well. We are the youngest missionaries in the area, and we are being blessed with a lot of success. I know that this is really the Lords work, and so If I do what the Lord says is best, and just rely on the Holy Ghost, I will be successful, no matter what else is happening. 

This week was transfer week. Elder Agazzani left on Wednesday, and Elder Peterson came in his place. Elder Peterson is from Utah, but he doesn't look very much like Cameron Peterson, so I don't know if they are related.  He served for 9 months in Columbia, but he hurt his leg and went home for two years, but now he is in Fresno. He is pretty cool, and is a good missionary. He is very obedient, which is a good thing. 

On preparation day Elder Perkins and I, along with my whole zone, played volleyball in Hanford. That was pretty fun. 

 Elder Perkins and I also joined Elder Arebalo and Elder Peterson to give one of their investigators a blessing. It was interesting to sit in on an all Spanish lesson. I'm reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish, but when I try to speak Spanish, German words sneak out instead, it's Germish, I think it's pretty funny.

Everything went pretty well this week, I enjoy being a missionary. I am sorry to hear that Brother Tressler is gone. I am praying for his family. I loved him. 

Also, happy birthday Mayli and grandma Keeley.
 Elder Keeley.

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