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Monday, October 19, 2015

It's finally less than 100 degrees

I had a good week this week. We have a lot of investigators that are having solid progression towards baptism. We have 3 families that are committed to being baptised on the 1st. 
The first family is the Zamora family. They are planning on coming to church next Sunday, and are excited about baptism and mutual. The Dad, who is already a member, told us how great gospel is, and how it is already changing his family. They are working towards marriage, and they actually made plans to come to church. In the past they have said they will come, but they were concerned about how reverent their 3 year old twins would be. I think that three of them will be baptized on the first. 
The second family is our bread supplier. He has two children, 11 years old, and 8 years old that have not been baptized yet. His wife and he are members, but they have not come to church as a family in a long time. They also committed to come this week, and their kids have a November 1st baptism date. I think they will make that as well. They want to change. 
Our final person is named Daniel Cooper. He really wants to change his life, and is doing the things that he has committed to do. We invited him to church two weeks ago, and he went, but he went to a non-lds one. We clarified that for him, and I believe he will be baptized.
We had stake conference this week, so it was hard for our contacts to make it.

We are looking for new people to teach, especially families. It can be hard to find people because it gets dark so quickly. 

My first transfer has gone by, and it feels like it was both really long, and really short. Everyone in my Area is staying, except for Elder Agazzani, who is becoming an English elder for some reason.

My week's focus was prayer, and receiving an answer to prayers through the scriptures and words of the prophets. I prayed a lot this week, asking for blessings for the people we see, and asking the Lord what can I do more to become a better missionary. I just felt the desire to pray, and made an effort to pray with focus and sincerity. I would pray, and then look in the scriptures, or in the prophets writings, and I also remembered lines from my patriarchal blessing. I learned that the best way for me to help others is to see the good in them, to look at the strengths, and build them up higher. I must  see the beam in my own eye, and make myself better. 

The secret to being a successful missionary is to just do the things that are in the Preach my gospel. Do what a missionary is supposed to when they are supposed to. This is the Lords work, and if we do what he told us to do, we will be successful. He will help us as we try to do what he has asked.

My hair is looking better now. It's still growing. I had my part re shaven today.
Here is my new daily planner.

Elder Keeley

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