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Monday, June 26, 2017

Mormon Bar

I only put one picture at a time in these so that it can be seen on my blog.

The Last week with President Clark

The last few weeks before President Clark is gone are packed with great experiences. We had a temple trip this last week. A lot of the Tulare ward was there because Griffin Yentes was getting his endowment before he takes off on his mission. We are getting Olga prepared for her baptism. We are excited for that.
We had a really good lesson with the Raes. They haven't come to church for a while, but they are both reading the Book of Mormon really well. They haven't accepted a baptismal date yet.
I went on a really good exchange with Elder James. We had some good conversations about setting goals that help us to stretch. That is one of the biggest reasons that we have goals.
Elder Millburn went to Porterville and I was able to be reunited with the Tripanionship. Elder Wright and Elder Woodmansee and I taught a lot of powerful lessons.
We gave about 5 blessings this week. It was a spiritually powerful week.
Our finding has kind of been slower than we would like it to be, but we are reemphasizing planning at night to find better.
We went to Yosemite today with Brother Baladad. He is awesome. We hiked up to Vernal Falls.
Sister Barragan finally was able to obtain her temple recommend. We are excited for her. Shaundra should be able to go to the temple soon.
The Tates have been coming to church. We helped them move their stuff for a little bit. 
We had Keith and Jim at church this week. Olga had to go to the hospital the night before. We gave her a blessing. She was healthy by the next day.
We also had a good lesson with Brett this week. 
We have Zone conference and MLC this week. It should be great.
Elder Keeley

Temple Trip July 2017 Merced

Yosemite trip #2

Elder Millburn and I went to Yosemite with Brother Baladad. We hiked up to Vernal falls and got soaked. It was super fun.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Baptism of Eva, Morgan, Skyler, and Eugene. Last interview with President Clark.

I had a super Good week this week highlighted by the baptism of Eva, Morgan, Skyler, and Eugene.
It was fantastic. Keith came, and so did a lot of other non members and investigators. I baptized Eugene and Skyler, and then confirmed Morgan the next day.
It is going to be a very hot week.
We had our last interview with President and Sister Clark. We played a jeopardy game while we waited.
We had Brett come to church for the first time this week. We haven't been able to teach him for a little while because he is in the Marines. 
We also had Keith Come again. We got him a white Shirt, and a pair of Pants. He came to the baptism as well, but he still doesn't have a place to live, so we can't baptize him yet.
Olga went to church in The Bay area. She will be baptized soon.
I gave Elder Millburn a haircut.
Elder Keeley

6/19/17 Baptism! Eva, Skyler, Eugene, Morgan

Monday, June 12, 2017

Elder Millburn

Elder Millburn is my new companion. It was a pretty good week. We will baptize Eva and her family, along with Eugene this weekend. 
We also had Jim come to church this week, and we found Gracie's records.

All of the new missionaries that came into the Zone are awesome.

Here is the Testimony that I sent to President Clark for our final interview with him.
The Things that I know to be true by the power of the Holy Ghost:
One of the First things that I know are true is that God lives. He is my Heavenly Father and he loves me. He sent his Son Jesus Christ to be my Savior. Thr Scriptural accounts of Christ and his teaching and Sacrifice are real and True. He suffered and Died for me.

I know that God answers prayers. He communicates with us in many ways, but espescially through the Holy Ghost.

After Study and Prayer I came to have a strong Testimony that the Book of Mormon is true, and that this is the True Church. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that Thomas S. monson is a prophet today. I know that Jesus Christ's Gospel has been restored, and that it is real and true. It works. We can change and be forgiven and healed.

I know that as we follow Jesus Christ we will have lasting peace and Joy. I know that God keeps his word. I know that God knows me personally. I know that the plan of Salvation is real. I testify of these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

The work is good. 
We'll baptize this week, and that's good.
Elder Keeley