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Monday, September 28, 2015

The week of meetings!

I had a good week, it was full of meetings! I had district meeting on Tuesday, where we learned about how to really help people have the desire to come to church. They already know it is a good thing to do, but they have to feel that it is a way to show their love for god. Then I had Zone Conference on Wednesday, it was fantastic! Elder Arnold and his wife were the special guests. I learned about loving ward members and leaders, planning more effectively, having good goals, not choosing selective obedience, and many other things. It was a very spiritual meeting. We are doing an important work, and we must do everything we can. Then I had exchanges on Thursday, I was paired with an Argentine named Elder Rearte, it was the best! He is "older" than my trainer, and we were able to do very well together. He was able to talk to Spanish only speakers, which was nice as well.
Elder Rearte and I found two ladies in a park, Chastity and Adriana, who were very prepared to hear our message. They felt the holy ghost, and were very receptive to the book of Mormon and the Atonement. They both committed to being baptized, but we haven't been able to contact them again at all.
Friday we had a Trainer Trainee meeting, with all the new missionaries that came in with me. That was pretty good, I learned to not worry about things I can't control. That is something that I am still working on, but it was a good meeting. 
On Saturday most of my district, plus a missionary who's companion is sick, went to Kingsburg and did two service projects back to back. It was a little too much service for one day, but it was interesting. We helped a lady move her things into storage, and prepared for a Swedish Festival.
The biggest thing I learned this week was the importance of choosing exact obedience over selective obedience. That makes all the difference. 
The baptism that we had planned for Sunday had to be moved back, because Abel had eye surgery. I still think he will be baptized. 
The bishop of my ward has just recently become very excited in missionary work, both with inactive and new converts. His goal is 300 active members in 5 years, so that the ward can be split. I felt the inspiration of his goal, and it will help us as missionaries a lot. I bore my testimony about priesthood keys, the Book of Mormon, and the Atonement on Sunday. It was good.

Also, I had my birthday this week, and Zone Conference was a great gift. I also got lots of candy and good food. I'm one of the older missionaries that I am with age wise, but not in mission time wise. 
Probably the best way to prepare to be a missionary is to share the gospel with your friends, and read the preach my gospel over and over again. All of you priests should go on a mission.

Elder Keeley

We play a lot of Futball here. It's serious business, I'm pretty good, but I'm no Argentine. Elder Perkins is wearing Elder Rearte's Jersey.

​Here's what the area is like. It's very dry, but grapes are everywhere. This is where about 95
5% of Raisins come from. 

Thanks for all the letters from everyone. My mailing address is just the mission home.

Elder Keeley

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