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Monday, November 21, 2016

President Interviews again

I had a great week this week. I really learned a lot this week. From my interview with President Clark I learned about the importance of relating everything back to the gospel of repentance and the atonement. It was something I knew before of course, but I learned it in a new way.
During my studies I really focused on powerful prayer and faith. I've always tried to keep gratitude a theme in my prayers, but I learned more about being completely sincere, and how I can be that way. I believe that it has helped my prayers become better.
We have a lot of good things happening in our area, but it isn't moving as quickly as I would like. I have made teaching about church and repentance more of a focus, but no one came this week. 
I am excited for Christmas and the spirit that comes with it. 
One of the most visible miracles that I experienced this week was while I was on exchanges with Elder Matienzo. We only knocked on about one random door during the day, we had a lot of appointments, but with the random door that we knocked on we were able to find a pm family that had just moved down to Tulare from Fresno 3 days before. The non member is a 9 year old girl, and the parents have been sealed. They have one son on a mission. We were able to help them settle into the ward and spanish group. Things like that have happened to me a lot on my mission. Especially on exchanges. There were many more less visible miracles. I am glad that I have a journal to look back, because it is really easy to forget.
Remembering is another thing that was brought up a lot this week, especially in relation to the sacrament. Remembering is truly a wonderful thing.
The Martinez family is making a good push to give up smoking for good. They have decided to work their way down using e cigarettes, and then quit completely.
The work is progressing, and getting ready to explode with Christmas.
The baptismal interview was also good. The candidate passed.
Elder Keeley 

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