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Monday, August 29, 2016

The beginning of the exchange life.

One of my friends, Elder Anderson (in hong Kong) has 6 missionaries in his zone. We have 10 in our district. This means that I have the oppurtunity to go on a lot of exchanges. I love exchanges. An exchange is where I will switch places with another Elder in my District, and work with them for around 24 hours. It is a great tool for teaching, and a great way to get a feel for the district.
This week I went on an exchange with Elder Arebalo, and Elder Maas. I went to Dinuba and Reedley. 
It is a lot of fun to work in a different area for a while, and see how other missionaries work. 
My companion Elder Stojka is a lot of fun to be with. He has been serving for just under a year. He is from The Jersey Shore area. He was is a convert to the church and was baptized when he was about 13, this means that he has a lot of great experiences that he is able to relate with investigators about how he joined the church. He is hilarious and appreciates my jokes as well. 
The district Book of Mormon challenge has been fun as well. It is really easy to give away a Book of Mormon to someone, and it can lead to great things. It's important to follow up with the Book of Mormons though, It doesn't do us very much good if we do not testify, and then teach the people that we give the book to. Also, if they do not read it. We had a few neat experiences this week with following the spirit.
Elder Stojka and I were coming back from a leadership meeting, and I felt like we should go to Wendy's and get some Frostees. I wouldn't normally do that because I don't like spending money on fast food, and we have ice cream back at our apartment. We went to Wendys and after coming out of the drive through we found Brother Bundy. Brother Bundy is a member who's children we baptized back in December. We haven't seen him very much since because he is working a ton. We were able to have a good conversation with him, and he is thinking about making some changes so that he can work less. He also gave us some bread, because he is the bread delivery man.
 We also were able to have a couple of neat experiences where people asked questions such as, why are there so many churches? We were able to answer those questions with the restoration, and as we did so, the spirit was very strong. We will be going back to share more good news with those people this week.
Minerva has been going to temple prep consistently. The Kinnys and Sister Lawson came to church on Sunday. Sister Larson is slightly less active and in a part member family. The Kinnys are a part member family. They both live in Kingsburg, and it was great to see them at church. Sister Lawson has been coming fairly regularly since we found her in Kingsburg. I was able to confer the Melchizedek priesthood upon Alfredo and ordain him to the office of an Elder on Sunday. It was a really neat experience. 
Everything is going well. My district is awesome.
Elder Keeley

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