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Monday, February 22, 2016

The Reign of the Old Shogunate is over

Elder Oliver is being transferred to Madera to be with Elder Call, my trainer's trainer. He is Elder Oliver's Trainer's trainer's trainer. It was a surprise that he is being transferred, and that I am staying in Selma. Elder Arebalo is leaving as well. He is going to be companions with Elder Agazzani again in the Echo ward. That makes me the missionary that has been in Selma the longest. I am the last remaining member of my original district. 
My new companion is Elder Smith. There are two Elder Smith's in the mission, so I don't really know who it will be. One of the Elder Smith's was in my MTC district.
Elder Oliver and I had a great week this week. We teamed up with different people almost every day. We usually will team up with Brother Smeaton in the morning, and then Brother Smeaton and we created a team up calendar that is gaining traction in the High priest's group. The Elder's quorum isn't quite there yet. We then team up with someone elde in the evening. BrotherSmeaton can't drive in the evening, so it works out wonderfully.
The baptism of Ava was moved because her mom Jenn decided that Sunday would be a good time to have her baby (or at least go to the hospital and check on him). I guess that's a good excuse. Ava will still be baptised shortly.
Our investigator Parnell is doing really well as well. He has been completely Sober for a whole week, and in that week read from 2nd Nephi to 4th Nephi. It helped that the WIFI at Kim's house wasn't working so that he had time to read. He is also looking for a job. 
A less active lady found us that is friends with several of our investigators, it was crazy.
We teach a man named Tony who is a barber. He gave Elder Oliver a haircut while we were teaching a lesson to a Buddhist man that had questions about if using medical marijuana was against the Word of Wisdom. It was a pretty exciting lesson as well.
Elder Keeley 

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