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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Temple Trip and Part Members

I had a great week this week.
 I loved going to the temple today, I learned more about feeling the Holy ghost, loving others, and about agency. 
We had two new families come to church for the first time on Sunday. The Miller-Prieto family of 5 and the Gayton family of 4. We have been having a lot of sucess with part member families recently. 13 different members have come to church in the past two weeks. I feel like working with part member families, harvesting the low hanging fruit, will be one of the things that I focus on for the rest of my mission. That field is ripe and ready to harvest. The members have been great at fellowship. They committed Robert Miller to do Scuba with the YM, which is awesome.
I really liked the last Zone Conference. The highlight of it for me was the Assistants training on being a Street Savage. Elder Oliver and I have been talking to all sorts of people, and have been having miracles as a result. We both want to be Street Savages. 
We are finding well, and having great success. 

We randomly ran into a crazy Person that the Spanish Elders had told us about named Donnie Davis. We tried to meet with him, but he wasn't at the place he told us to meet him at, a tire shop.

A lot has been happening, but I'm running out of time. 

The mission also changed all of our music rules, and now it's just classical and MOTAB, and we can't use pirated stuff. I guess that was already technically a rule though. I like classical and MOTAB.

Elder Keeley

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