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Monday, November 9, 2015

Soy Bien

Elder Perkins and I worked hard and had some success. We went to Kingsburg one day and had a team up with our new ward mission leader. We visited the daughter of a referral from the other elders that we had seen once before. Her name is Kat. She said that she had read about half of the book of Mormon since the last time that we had visited her. It's possible that she hasn't actually read anything, but we went over the restoration with her, and committed her to a baptismal date. We'll see how that actually turns out. She wasn't at church on Sunday, but that may have just been because her mom was working.
While in Kingsburg we found some inactive families that said they would like to come back to church. It was nice to have the ward mission leader with us. Finally, we taught Alfredo, the member referral that we received
 Sunday. We taught him at the member's home, with the help of another one of his member friends. Alfredo has already invited his friends to come to his baptism, and know that this is the True church. Member referrals really are the best.

On Sunday the ward we are in had their primary program. Elder Perkins and I had
​the Bundy
family, and Alfredo at church on Sunday. It was good to have the
 back. Their children will be baptized this month.

We are working to help our investigators feel like they are are ready to take the step of baptism.
We were finally able to meet with Able again this week. He is still doing very well spiritually, and got upset when I invited him to pray to know if what we have taught him is really true, because "I already know that it's true. I have no doubts." Or something like that. He will be baptized once his health is back.
We visited our friend Eric in the Long term care facility again. We took him on a walk in a wheelchair. He had a stroke, and lost his left side, and some of his sight. 
We also visited the Zamora family. They are doing everything pretty well, but they don't think that they want to set a baptism date until they come to church a few more times. The mom is still working on coffee, but the children will probably be baptized fairly soon. Maybe December.
Kim is looking for a new apartment, specifically in North Selma. We have been helping her by sending her all of the apartments near the church. She will be able to be baptized as soon as she moves, so that is great news.
We have seen some miracles happen to help families come to the church. Conversion is a miracle.
I am doing well.
Elder Keeley

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