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Monday, November 2, 2015


It was Halloween this week, but it was still stinking hot outside. 
Anyways, this week was kind of an interesting one. On Monday, instead of playing soccer and basketball and doing active things like that, Elder Peterson and Elder Arebalo just wanted to write letters and do non-active thins like that. It wasn't my favorite preparation day ever, I like to write and do things like that, but I need my exercise.
On Tuesday Elder Perkins and I met with the ward's new mission leader, and sort of gave him a training of what we expect from him as a mission leader, and what we can do to work together. We talked about ways that we can help the ward become more involved. Some of the best things they can do is to pray for missionary experiences to come to them, and prepare to respond. Their are also lots of resources in the ensigns and online for doing member missionary work. 
On Wednesday we ate dinner in Mexico. We were with the Spanish Elders, and went to a no room house, where the family only spoke Spanish. There was just a kitchen and a bathroom. I thought it was pretty neat. We had spaghetti, and some Mexican drink. I also had a Tamale, it was good.
On Thursday I went on an Exchange with Elder Rearte. He is a really cool Elder, and is also an Argentine. We visited a lot of people, some of whom only spoke Spanish. I read from El Libro De Mormon, and I also gave out a Spanish book of Mormon again. Some of our plans didn't work out, because a member who was going to pick up an investigator's tires got slashed. The member is going on a mission soon, and her friends don't appreciate it.
Friday we had a ward Halloween party and trunk or treat. We had about 15 of our less actives/ investigators show up. It was pretty successful, and we had some good fellow shipping happen.
Saturday was Halloween. We had to be in our apartment at 6. Elder Perkins and I watched some of the LDS Christmas proselyting movies that we have. 
Finally, on Sunday we didn't have any of our investigators/ less actives come to church, but we did get a new member investigator. His name is Alfredo, and he will be baptized moy rapido. We also were able to teach Daniel Cooper and his Wife Amanda, which was awesome. He is moving to Fresno on Friday, so we don't know exactly what will happen next, but he will be baptized. Pray for him and his family.
I learned this week about how we can learn so many different things from the same writing. I specifically learned ways to improve my finding.
I am doing well. 
Elder Keeley

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