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Monday, April 3, 2017

Finding, DLC, Conference and more.

I had a really busy and spiritually powerful week this week. I also had bad allergies the whole time. I started my week with an exchange with Elder Maas. We were able to find two new investigators and biked around everywhere. We talked to a lot of people. We also teamed up with Nick Hamilton. It was good. Then we swapped Elder Maas out, and Elder Thornton and I teamed up with Matt Cox. We decided to set a goal to find 3 new investigators during the evening. We found 2 and a half, and a bunch of potential investigators. an 11 year old came in at the end of a lesson, but we didn't count him yet. 
On Wednesday I went to DLC with Elder Sullivan. It was a really good one. We learned about Tad R Callister's consecration devotional principles. It was powerful. 
We came back to Tulare and ate dinner, then biked over to MCM. Elder Thornton went on a split for MCM like usual. Tim and I then went to Lindsay and interviewed Gabriel, one of the Lindsay's investigators. He got baptized on Saturday after priesthood session. MY whole Wednesday was a meeting.
On Thursday we did some more biking. WE found a cool investigator named Justin. It was super windy all day long. We actually teamed up with Mike for a while. We went on a split with Brother Hepworth for an hour. On Friday we kept biking. We taught Henry. He had a non member Brother move in with him just barely.
I had an interesting epiphany today as I was taking a power nap while listening to the missionary broadcast DVD that we had. Elder Bednar talks about the scripture that says the power of godliness is manifest in ordinances. Without the ordinances it is not manifest. He was pushing towards inviting everyone to be baptized, but it really applies to church as well. Church is generally the first place where investigators are able to witness an ordinance performed by proper priesthood authority. It is the first place where Godliness is manifest unto them. For the investigators to know if this is the True Church of Jesus Christ, they must go to the church, and witness the Sacrament. I will seek to apply this teaching.
We didn't watch any conference on Saturday besides Priesthood session. We spent the time finding  and trying to teach. We only had one investigator watch conference this time. 
On Sunday We watched Conference and found a big family to teach as well. I really loved this conference. I liked all of the talks. My favorite ones were President Eyring's talk in Priesthood session, and the L. Whitney Clayton's talk, and Elder Rasband's talk, and President Monson's charity talk.
We ended up with 12 new investigators for the week. That's the most I've had so far.
Elder Keeley

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