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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


I had a great week this week. Elder Stojka and I worked like crazy and taught a lessons at the rate that I prefer. We found a lot of new people to teach as well. That's probably not what you care about from this title though.
I am being transferred to Tulare 2. 
From a secret meeting with President Clark, we knew that Elder Stojka was going to be transferred, but We had no idea that I would be leaving as well. I said goodbye to a lot of people, and got some good pictures. I should get some more today.
Hopefully I will get some from some baptism pictures from Selma soon.
On Sunday Sister Williams came to church. We were able to teach her with Brother Gooden, the High priest group leader that knew the Williams family from before we found them. He was a very good help, and helped them as we had a frantic Sunday preparing the area for a double in of Missionaries. She had a good time on Sunday. The Allreds were out of town. We had a couple other people at church as well. 
We worked a lot with a part member family that we hadn't really seen since Elder Perkins was in Selma. We taught them twice and helped them with an Eagle project. I don't feel like I should share their name. They have been coming to church fairly consistently as well. We directly asked the non member why she hadn't been baptized yet, and she expressed some concerns, but what it really came down to was a lack of reading from the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is really critical for conversion into the church. If people sincerely and with real intent read to investigate if the church is true, and pray and go to church, then they will be converted. 
Reading the Book of Mormon with prayer allows the seed of Faith to grow. Faith is really important because it allows people to know that if they follow Christ, they will be happy. They will have everything they need and more. That leads them to repent, and the gospel cycle. It allows people to feel the Spirit, so that God can work with them.
Elder Keeley

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