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Monday, April 11, 2016

Training again!

Elder Smith is heading down to Porterville, and I am staying in Selma. I am training again, and that's awesome. I get to go to the Temple again.
This week we did a lot of work. We have been pushing to work more effectively with the Ward council in our Missionary Coordination Meeting meeting, and we had some great success this week. We were able to work with lots of the different Auxiliaries, and team up with people that fit with our investigators.
We helped Brother Bolin set up his TV cables, and we took some down. 
We taught Irene with Minerva the recent convert, and it was a great lesson. We just talked about tithing, but Irene is coming to church on Sunday with Minerva. 
We had stake Conference this week, and Elder Sabin was there. 
I got to try some menudo this week. I didn't really like it. I'll put pictures in a second email.
We also helped Sister Thurstin move a new cabinet thing into her house. 
This week was really good. Elder Smith and I just did a lot of work and taught a lot of people.
We went on one wild goose chase where we left a free bible card on a door, and that person started ordering free bibles for people who didn't want them. We biked all over the place. 
We are baptizing Chandra this week. That should be fun for the new missionary. When Elder Oliver came in, we baptized people two of his first three days.
Elder Keeley

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